Statistics:Number of turbines:31
 Type of Turbine:2.3MW Siemens
 Location:Municipality of Farsund, County of Vest-Agder
 Map Coordinates:58° 9.5'N 6° 42.6'E

Lista Wind Farm is the first wind farm project FOR has constructed in Norway. It consists of 31Siemens 2.3 MW wind turbine generators (WTG) with a hub height of 80m and a rotor diameter of 93 meter.The sites total name plate capacity is 71.3 MW.

The wind farm is located in the hills north of the Lista peninsula, five kilometres from Vanse, which is the nearest village. Power is delivered to the local 110kV grid, which passes through the wind farm area. The local grid is owned by Agder Energi Nett.

The first turbines were delivered and assembled in the summer of 2012 and all turbines were handed over by January 2013.

Lista Wind Farm, Norway

The turbines will be maintained under a contract with Siemens. Each turbine is monitored 24 hours a day seven days a week and any maintenance are carried out by specially trained and qualified technicians. As well as maintaining the turbines for safety and energy production the on-site team are responsible for monitoring the local ecology such as water tables, stream water quality and maintaining the natural plant and animal life around the wind farm.

The power is sold through the power exchange Nordpool. Lista is able to provide electricity generation equivalent to the consumption of 15.000 homes on an annual average basis.