Location:Municipality of Lebesby, County of Finnmark
 Map Coordinates:70°48'N 27°22'E

The project is located on the western side of the Nordkyn peninsular in the Municipality of Lebesby, County of Finnmark.

The consent application was sent to the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) in February 2005 and the consultation period ran through June 2005.  

The approach road to Laksefjorden Wind Farm

The entire 14 km2 planning area is owned by Finnmarkseiendommen (Finnmark Estate agency). No land lease has been signed for the area. The consent application calls for 100 MW of installed capacity. The production is estimated at 350 GWh, corresponding to the electricity consumption of roughly 17,000 Norwegian households.

The wind resource at the site is excellent with modeling results substantiated by anemometry data collected in the 2005 - 2009 timeframe.

The planned windfarm will most likely be connected to the central grid in Adamselv through a new approximately 64 km long 132 kV overhead line, or through an upgrade of the existing grid between Adamselv and Kjøllefjord. A separate grid application was submitted to the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate in 2012.