Statistics:Number of wind turbines:25 planned
 Location:2km north of Botsmark in the region of Umeå
 Map Coordinates:64° 6'N 20° 01'E

Högaliden is situated 2 km north of the village of Botsmark in the region of Umeå. A land agreement with the land owner was signed in 2008.

An environmental permit application was submitted to the County Board of Västerbotten at the beginning of 2010. The County Board gave approval for the wind farm in December 2011. We have now handed over the new permit application to the county board, regarding a higher maximum height of the wind turbines. The application has been appealed and Fred. Olsen Renewables AB awaits correspondence from the environmental court.

The documents can be downloaded by clicking on the following links: 
EIS (tillståndsansökan) and Consent Application.

The finished anemometry survey shows sufficient wind resource for the wind farm to be economic. The grid connection is under negotiation with a grid company.

A photomontage of Högaliden wind farm from Floda